Two goals

1. Start heavy band.

2. Start bike gang.


One Hundred Year Ocean | Magnetic Curses

"I’m sorry that I’m not quite being myself

I started off like me but ended up someone else

I’m sorry that I never really work on myself

It’s not that I don’t try it’s just sometimes, well nothing helps”

by mystandardbreak-fromlife


The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die | Space Exploration To Solve Earthly Crises


by eugeneplotnikov

on a stationary bike at the gym, trying to prepare for when I inevitably give up on cars for financial frustrations.

I focus too much on the time

by cycomu

by inkeddotwork

by cycomu



Healed photos of Toni’s Twin Peaks tattoo. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This was really, really a pleasure to do; anyone who knows me knows how much I love Twin Peaks!

Kirsten Holliday

by kirstenmakestattoos


You are her favorite because you’re a long shot.

by girlampersand

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